Year in review – 2007

I know – it’s January 4th – but I figured better late than never!

 January:  Spent plenty of time getting to know the new little man in my life – and freaking out that I was on maternity leave and didn’t quite know what to do with my time when B was napping.

February:  Got into a bit more of a routine and felt a bit more at ease with B – also learned that I really did need to ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’.  Took lots and lots of pictures – and bombarded Brian with them while he was at work (“I Love Daddy” for Valentine’s day anyone?).  We also watched the Bears in the Super Bowl.  Sorry Brian (he was sad for months about this one)!

March:  Started to get sad about going back to work – and when that day finally came I was a bit of a wreck.  But little B rose to the occasion and thoroughly embraced daycare!  Continued to take plenty of pictures – one of my favorites being the St. Patty’s pics in which B had discovered his hand and shows it to me – Hey!  Check out what I can do!

April:  Decided to humiliate dress B up in a bunny ears to celebrate Easter.  He was less than thrilled.  Really getting back into the routine of working – but still feeling quite sleep deprived.

May:  Braved an airplane and flew with B to California (Palm Springs!!!) for a wedding – can you say hot?!?  B also had his first experience in a swimming pool and met his older cousins from Houston.  The swimming pool might not have been the highlight of the trip but it wasn’t too bad.  He was a great little traveler – but seemed to be coming down with a cold…

June:  Enjoyed (yeah right!) our first ear infection.  Little did we know it was one of many…

July:  B took his first dip in Lake Michigan (no, we’re not that mean – it was in a bay off the Lake so it was actually pretty warm) and enjoyed the 4th of July festivities in the U.P.  We were battling another (or continued?) ear infection.

August:  Took another trip to Michigan to celebrate Tom and Susan’s wedding – we braved the horrible storms and shut down highways in Chicago but we made it there!  It was a WONDERFUL wedding at a beautiful location and B had another trip to the swimming pool.  He was getting closer and closer to crawling on this trip but just didn’t do it.

September:  Made a trip back to good old Manty for my 10-year high school reunion (yikes, I’m getting old) – got to see some friends and their little ones.  Had a big scare from B – at his 9-month appointment he had some unusual bloodwork (very low platelets) which required multiple blood draws as well as a CT after a bump on the head.  Stressful for mommy (seeing your little one strapped in to the baby pappoose with two nurses holding him down while trying to get blood from a vein) but in the end it was just an anomaly they can’t explain.

October:  Headed up to Green Bay to catch the Packers vs. Bears game at Lambeau (what a disappointment for the Packer fans – icky performance by our team but Brian was sure happy!).  B spent some more time with his ‘cousin’ Jack and was introduced to pickles (which he really liked).  Our little teddy bear also enjoyed Halloween – but not so much people dressed in costumes.  Mr. B became a very curious little guy who pulled up on EVERYTHING.  I think we were also on ear infection 5 at this point?

November:  Enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.P.  and scheduled the appointment for ear tubes.  After 7 (?) infections in about 6 months the pediatrician thought it’d be the best thing to do (especially heading into cold/flu season).  So far so good!!!

December:  My birthday on the 2nd, B’s tubes put in on the 6th, B’s birthday party on the 15th, traveled to Gramma and Grampa O’s house for the holidays (and of course, to the U.P.).  It seems a toystore vomitted into their home because B returned with SO many gifts I had to go out and buy some bins to put away the “old” toys (as if something that’s a year old can be deemed “old”).  B’s holding steady with 2 bottom teeth, his hilbilly top tooth, and 3 on the way.  Crawling everywhere but showing little interest in walking.  Still tons of fun!

Here’s hoping 2008 is filled with less illness but just as much happiness.


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