Don’t want to jinx it…

but since the tubes were put in we have been ear infection free!!!  For a kid who had gone through countless rounds of antibiotics (if I remember correctly the count was up to 7 for the months of June through December) this is a major accomplishment.

I’m hoping that 2008 is ear infection free – or as close to it as possible.  Now that Blake is getting bigger it has been increasingly more difficult to get anything in his mouth that he doesn’t want there.  You’d never think it but that guy is STRONG!

On another note – I think we may (and I stress the may) have a new word to add to Mr. B’s vocabulary – ‘hi’ (or sometimes sounding a bit more ‘aye’).  We’ve been working on many words (it’d be REALLY helpful to me if he could say milk or more but I think I’m asking a bit much) but I think more often than not when we say “hi” to him he responds with his version of it which does sound kind of ‘aye’.  Who knows – it may just be delusional mommy thinking!

One thought on “Don’t want to jinx it…

  1. Oh my goodness– your banner picture of the cake is the cutest thing ever! My nephew just got tubes, and so far, no infection– fingers crossed for you guys.

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