Happy Halloween!!!

I did it again….

I bought WAY too much candy for Halloween!  We made the mistake of not having enough in 2005 and so the past two years we’ve bought a ton more than we need.  I have 3 bags that were never even opened – and about a bag and a half left in my candy bowl.  It’s definitely much better than not having enough – Brian was traumatized the year we ran out (he almost thought of giving out matches – seriously!) so he’s always a fan of having lots of candy on hand.

Our little trick-or-treater was actually okay in his costume (and no, I don’t mean Brian in the Sponge Bob costume):


He’s also learned how to use his ‘walker’ (more of a walk behind) and can really cruise around if you point him in the right direction.  I swear in this one he’s saying, “Look ma, one hand!”

Hope you enjoy your Halloween!


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