I’d love to be able to post pictures from this weekend but in a rush to leave on Monday morning I left the camera at my parents’!

I got quite a few good pictures of Blake playing with his ‘cousin’ Jack who is just a few weeks older than him.  They were too funny together – both very curious little boys!  We also met (very briefly) Don Majkowski and got our picture taken with him before the game (I’m a nerd I guess – it was very exciting for me since he was such a big deal with the Packers when I was younger, even though he was a bit jerky).

It was definitely a fabulous weekend – spent time at the Farmer’s market on Saturday morning which makes me wish once again that we had one near us that had weekend hours; we were able to go to another pumpkin patch (and Blake sat patiently in a wagon while we walked around with him); and we had a great time tailgating before the game.  Too bad the Packers didn’t even show up for the second half of the game!!!

We’ll be enjoying our last night of warm weather tonight – tomorrow looks like it will be a normal October day in the midwest.


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