Go Pack Go!


Poor little Blake – his parents cheer for different teams! Since the only team apparrel we have that still fits him is Packers I’m happy =)  Brian’s ready to run out and get him some Bears gear but keeps forgetting… and I’m not reminding him!


We had fun watching the game this weekend – Tom, Danelle and Jack were over and the boys got into EVERYTHING that was within reach (Jack more so than Blake – he’s FAST). Now we know what we’re in for when Blake starts to pull up on furniture and anything vertical.

Need I say it (I have to boast while I can):
Packers: 3-0
Bears: 1-2

Can’t wait for the game on October 7 – should be a good one!


2 thoughts on “Go Pack Go!

  1. Blake:

    Make sure your mom gets you inoculated
    for the dreaded disease known in Wisconsin and the U.P. as “Bearitis.” Living in Illinois you are in an area where residents are highly susceptible.

    Symptons vary; however one of the most common is having dads dress their kids in hideous dark blue and orange clothing.

    Heavy doses of Wisconsin brats along with cheese will fend off “BEARITIS” until your mom can get you inoculated.

    Also, when your vocabulary improves you can prevent “BEARITIS” by yelling the following.

    GO PACK GO!!

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